About Us

AVS Lounge is a social media, seo and marketing company. Our goal is to create a brand for you on social media, build your online presence and position you for success.

We work with small businesses all over the world to help them grow their audience. Our team includes young professionals who are eager to make a difference in the field of marketing. We are constantly looking for other smart people to join our team!

Who We Are

We create a customized social strategy specifically for your company and audience

AVS LOUNGE is a social media, seo and content marketing agency that specializes in delivering results. Our clients hire us to grow their brand’s following organically through social media campaigns, we create content for them to share and engage with on various platforms.

How it all started

AVS Lounge was founded by two best friends from Université de Sherbrooke РLaurier Lapointe and Eveline Royer.
A few years ago they decided that they wanted to be involved in building content and strategies but felt as though academia wasn’t as exciting as it could be. They knew that they needed to get a job in order to gain experience so they started consulting with companies such as DKNY, Prada, Nordstrom and more!

For their first client project, they created an Instagram account for Nordstrom Canada which has 30% engagement rate (compared to their client’s 33% average). This made them realize that social media strategy was the way forward for them!


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