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Your social media strategy starts with Avs Lounge and our unique approach in creating your social media strategy.

Social Media Strategies For Your Business

Avs Lounge helps businesses get more recognition and exposure by creating, delivering and executing a comprehensive social media strategy.

Why Choose Us

11 X Your Business on average with our strategies

Avs Lounge provides small businesses with an effective and affordable social media strategy to increase engagement through a variety of social platforms. We provide you with the right tools and resources that help you take control of your online image and grow your bottom line.

What we offer

Lead Generation

We will help you with new leads, which means new customers in your segment!

Reputation Online

Your reputation online can make you or break you. Our team of experts will help you! 


Let us focus on managing your social media presence so you can focus on your business.

Conversion Optimization

We help you to optimize all your leads into paying customers.

Engage your audience in unique ways

Avs Lounge is a company specializing in social media, social media strategy, seo and market research. Our focus is on engaging clients to succeed online through meaningful content and engagement. We do all of this in a unique way which make you stand out in the crowd.


Your users aren’t just numbers, they’re real people

AVS Lounge is a social media strategy service that helps companies optimize their presence on different social networks by adding synergy to their content.


Followers across all of our clients’ social networks


Generated via social ecommerce conversions


Average follower engagement after the first month

“I can hardly belive it myself, but AVS Lounge helped me grow my business by +250% in just two months with their unique social media strategy.

Robert Freidland

CTO – Appster Space

  • How do I get the best results from my social media?

    The best way to answer that would be by outlining your objectives and determining what you want out of the social media tool. Social media is a tool to help reach your business goals, so make sure that you know what your goals are before jumping into it too hard.

  • How do I get my business to use social media?

    Sometimes, people can have a hard time knowing how to get their business started on social media. They might have the urge to do so, but they just do not know where to start. It starts with finding the right person of authority to help make the decision for your business.

  • How can I make my social media strategy work?

    There are so many different ideas how you can make your social media strategy work. You can start by just thinking about the time frame and long-term vision you have for your social media marketing. Ask yourself what kind of brand image and tone you want your audience to see when they interact with your social media pages. Next, think about what content fits in with that vision, what type of posts or pieces of content work best for that audience and think about which platforms fit those needs. Lastly, research other brands in the same field as yours to see what types of posts they’re running on their Instagram or Twitter account.

  • Avs lounge, what does that mean?

    The avs lounge is a community of people who are interested in learning each other’s lives, discuss industry news, review films and TV shows. It has a large variety of topics special to the business and social media industry. We believe that the avs lounge is just a beginning of learning more about those who represent our job title.

  • What is the avs lounge strategy for social media?

    Our strategy is to create a relationship with your followers and customers. We focus on interactions, content, and distribution. This allows us to help you grow your social media long-term.

  • What is the difference between social media strategy and social media?

    A social media strategy is the overall story of how you want to use your personal social media platforms, also a social media is just one part of that. You could focus on a single platform or use multiple platforms to tell your story.

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